Triptych poem? No idea

Week Seven




Triptych Relationship

In honor of the Chinese New Year, this week a prompt about the essence of relationship! In Chinese metaphysics the universe is comprised of the trinity, “heaven”, “earth” and “man”. Imagine three tablets laid and bound side by side (although three sheets of paper will do for us); label the first, heaven, the second, earth and the third, man. Now begin or echo or discover three new words, one for each, that link in relationship just as the initial starting words also do. Then repeat, and repeat again. Make as many sets of three words as you wish.

Be as literal or imaginative or playful as you wish (no rules! no right/wrongs). Notice the new relationships as they come to you. What “next” might each suggest, or just let your poetic imagination fly! (As “intention” is to “flight” is to “your blue eyes”, as example perhaps.) Show us the wonder of relationship, the core of it, be it either universal or personal, or both.

The captioned list when you’ve done as many as you wish will be your poem this week. Good fortune with your poems, and yes please, have good fun with this interesting prompt.



    • Thanks, RJ. I’m beginning to get an idea of what I should have done for the prompt, but still like bits of what came out of this.

  1. I like what you did with this. Had a bit of trouble reading the middle list, bad eyes, not a bad idea. Absolutely loved where you ended up: chicken,egg, short order cook.


  2. I like “diaphragm’s importance”. A quirky & intelligent spin of words, which is about your signature. Don’t you feel, b, that in writing to multiple prompts, it does feel like being a short order cook? This dish is tasty.

    • I don’t mind doing a little extra prep work, but anything that requires an advanced technique needs a real chef.

      It’s easy to over-extend yourself. I’m having to cut back some, not so much because of the writing–reading with any attention takes so much time, and it’s hard.

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