On Russell Street

Magpie Tales 52(Happy Blogbirthday, Mags!)

On Russell Street

I remember when we lived on Russell Street.
That was back before.
There was a house on the corner, David said
was haunted. The door
was hanging from one hinge, jammed tight.
There was a grocery store
and a church, brick, with green apples growing.
Our house had three stories
and we thought we were kings and queens
We fought with stick swords
from the attic to the basement. Phil died
gloriously in the back yard.
I wish we were back again on Russell Street.



  1. Three stories? Most houses surely have a lot more stories than that. Depends on how many folk have lived in them, I should have thought.
    and Kristen H. – a two story house also sounds intriguing. Would that be a front story and a back story.
    (Just joking! You mean “storey”, I think.

    • My roots are in the southern US, and my language tends to reflect that.
      Floors, levels, puns and all, I did wonder about “story” (which is the US spelling) and its usage.

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