Tin Pan Alley

written for a prompt from

Throw it Away
(Abbey Lincoln)

Say that
+++++ the alley is stretched out,
+++++resting its head up against my back gate,
+++++with its left hand dipping toward my garbage cans.
+++++down the way of its spindly shanks,
+++++past its pockets, spilling old cash register receipts
+++++and fake credit cards useful for cleaning the dogshit out of
+++++the grooves of shoes, or, bent, loosening a phillips head
+++++and past that knobby knee poking through
+++++into a back yard with no fence
+++++to where it is just about to touch the sidewalk
+++++on the east side of North Fourteenth Street,
Its toe
+++++is sticking up white as a dirty sock,
+++++wiggling in the wind like a knot-eared trash bag.


For this week’s prompt, take the title of a song (whether you enjoy the song or not is optional) and make that the title of your poem; then, write the poem.



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