wordle, wordle flaming wordle

written to a wordle prompt from

For Rent

off the courthouse square, in a typical tangle–
honeysuckle vines gone February gray,
and briar cane roses–
the vacant shop began life as a garage
when cars were thin and boyish,
narrow-thighed slips of things.
but it would come to serve a new age,
keeping heads and canvases dry,
kenneling a clutch of artists
ready to sell real art to sun-smacked travelers

thumbnail oils and flat iron silhouettes
were as out of place as flame on ice cubes.
and the parade of tourists rarely veered
around the corner to gasp at the historic oak next door
or smile at the whimsy of flaking signage.
the artists would question and defy and surrender
leaving the shop to weeds and acorns
and the ebbing wake of their passage.


+“Say more,” “There is also the matter of ____” and “He started by __.”


short answer

he arrived.
she was home.

to say more would defy the simple truth:
the answer’s in the question all along.
there’s also the matter
of what happens when two circles intersect
+++++++a smile.
(typical) she was there (wake)
when he arrived (a slip, a tiptoe, a parade)
gone (a flame) before he (boyish) started
by the time he had things finished
(thigh gasp tangle)
she was home.



    • thanks vb, It came to me as an unusually complete package, though it didn’t come with a map. (I think it’s somewhere off the beaten path in central Florida, though it could be Texas or Mississippi)

  1. found for rent sorta haunting… a passage of time unnoticed… sorta like haight ashbury, forever changed… home is a lovely state of mind…

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